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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 9-13-2004 at 8:51pm

today was soooooo insanely messed up.. lol. after school i got a call from work and this is the earlier the company wrote out a check payable to someone who doesnt exsist anymore, by accedent... they sent it to us... and then.. my boss accedently handed over to me (instead of my check).. then i signed it,went to the bank and cashed it in.. lol.. i gave the teller my liscense... she didnt read my name????.. whatever... soo i got the money.. and today after school i was runnign back and forth saving everyones asses... becuase that would look pretty bad.. lol.. a fake check is made up and everyone from the manager to the teller is in on it.. its called fraud.. lol. anyways.. like.. i finally got everything straight..

i guess my dad dropped by daddys, and my bill is up to $151.50... they had to replace EVERY tube in my peavey.... and im never going to get refunded from mike, since he was drunk and didnt remember the day after, let alone now.... fucker... he doesnt have any money anyways, so id feel bad.. he had like negative $400 and no job the last time i checked...
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