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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 9-15-2004 at 3:57pm
Current mood: dumb..
Music: so much for my happy ending
Well school is once again in session after ANOTHER hurricane.. i feel so BLah right now..
michael was an asshole again... he decided to take my ticky tack and put it all over my pictures today over all the faces that were mine.. what an immature loser! me and katie talked for like over an hour today. it was nice... shes so sweet! daniel got a good catch! haha i think i got him in trouble today hto.. oh well! hell get over it.
i love this song
i really feel like i dont have a happy ending..
greg and i are arguing... i hate this.. but people told me he might.. i just hope its not true.. i still like the boy alot... and ahh! i feel like screaming.
i had straight as idont kno if i told you that or not. i think i did. i got like an average of like a 90 on all my projects.. in ap... i think im doing good.. i have a shit load more to do.
i dont know if i want to go to homecoming anymore. im just not syked as i was last year.. i just feel so bummed out. i have felt like this... whatever.. i only went last yr cause nick wallace convinced me to go and i actualyl had fun.. but i dont kno, this year it just seems so stupid for me to go..
the sad thing is i miss talkign to michael about some of the stuff going on with me.. i cant help but feel that.. i want to tell him what's going on.. but when i do he just makes me cry.
he said i dont deserve to be his friend.. he lies to me constantly. i know i know im setting myself up but damn.. what an ASSHOLE!...
i dont kno right now. i just got alot of my mind.. its prolly keeping up with hw and grades in ap euro.. that class is hard..
some people are making it with like a 99 right now.. i have a measly 92.. and itll prolly sink a lot lower due to the map test i flunked...
ill write later
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