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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 9-17-2004 at 5:15pm
Current mood: blah
Hey everybody. This flood is pretty's kinda scary. A few roads around here are closed down because of it, and it's only gonna get worse cause the water is just gonna keep risin. I was so glad when they let school out at 1 =] but I was sad too cause they had cancelled the football game for tonite. I was lookin forward to depressed me. They're supposed to have it Monday instead now which sucks cause yea...that means we can't have a dance afterwards. Dances are Ben's wood is lonely in his locker. It could have been home tonight with Ben after the game. I freakin hate rain, it's gay. BLAH. Yes, well Tabi and I passed the test to go to Morgantown...YAY. I can't wait it's gonna be fun. Mrs.Mullins said she would put me and Tabi in a room together but she's gonna have to throw two more people in with us...hehe. Okay just now on the news they are sayin it's gonna stop rainin tonight so...humhumheee! Well I don't really have much to say so i'm gonna go guys <3-Shama
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