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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 9-17-2004 at 10:48pm
Current mood: tired
Music: My Stupid Mouth- John Mayer
hey all! whats up?! so yea im finally back in school and it sucks. i hate senior year it was either made to have for or to make people want to die... haha me! so yea today i was crying LITERALLY lol after guidance class because i hate college and college applications and school work!!! doesn't everyone know already ALL I WANT TO DO IS SWIM!!!! honestly like i thought about it for a long time too this summer and i really think i seriously want to go to PENN STATE. it would give me the best of what i want swimming and education.. so yea im a nittany lion now! haha! maybe i should go for my recruiting trip and send in my application! lol but yea back to Senior year i already have SO much work okay for this weekend i have to write 2 papers- Lit and Pre-Cal, do another pre cal assignment, write 3 paragraphs for Psychology and read chapter one, and do my SAT homework and take the SAT sunday morning and go to the wedding tomorrow night and go to the family picnic sunday morning! o yea and ON TOP OF THAT i have to finish my applications and that wendys high school heisman thing which i also have to write a essay for!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! o yea and also supposedly all my swimming friends hate my for some odd reason i have no clue what i EVER did to them but they LOVE to go out all the time talk about it in front of me then when i ask them what they are talking about they say nothing! seriously u think that sometimes im 'blonde' but im a hell of a lot smarter than u think i am. argh then people say im a nerd, and a brat, and a bitch, and ugly and u know what I DONT CARE! say whatever u want to say about me but say it to my face! the one thing i hate most is when people talk about me behind my back i honestly dont care if u have a problem with me let me know. argh! whatever i dont care! but yea off to better news my cuzs wedding is tomorrow night it should be a lot of fun im really excited! lol but yea thats all for now! love u all so much! ttyl

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