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kiwi (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2004 at 6:58pm
Current mood: stressed
Music: Green Day
Subject: Nail biting
I hate that people think nail biting is a bad habit but not a self destructive one like cutting! It's the same type of thing, maybe on a different level, maybe closer to scratching away at skin or picking at scabs. But I mean come on nail biting it really bad! Sometimes it eve makes you bleed, adn they're that long for a reason, to protect the skin under your nails. So what is with society thinking that if you bite your nails you are ok but if you scratch away the top few layers of your not coping well or you're punishing yourself. Maybe that's what nail biters are doing! Sure cutting is dangerous because of infection and all that and nail biting is 'safer' but it's still self estructive. Why does everything think it's better than other self destructive tendencies. And people will proably never notice as anything more than a bad habit. I wonder if cutting will ever become jsut another 'bad habit' It's an interesting thing to think about.
Just another case of society being wrong, like always. They suck... whoever they are.
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