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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 9-19-2004 at 11:47pm
Current mood: accomplished
Subject: I'm now complete!!!
Me: Mrs.matheny is emailin me the lesson plans ;-)
Ben: good luck with that
Me: lol she is tellin me what pages i need to look over and stuff
Me: im like =-O
Ben: you should ask her if she'd like to go out for a steak dinner
Me: lol okay
Me: im seriously goin to
Ben: lol
Ben: i have to see

Me: Me: Ben wants to know if you would like to go out with him for a steak dinner?
Mrs.Matheny: That ben is a kidder isn't he. Tell him i'll accompany him if he pays for all the expenses and takes me to a romantic movie afterwards Haha

Ben: i didnt want you to mention me, i wanted you to ask her if she wanted to go with YOU! lol
Ben: a romantic movie lmao
Me: LOL she didnt really say that
Ben: lol
Me: omg i am laughin so hard i have tears in my eyes

Auto response from benkorn2000: "You don't have to be naked to dance like a stripper, just wiggle that tail like your name is flipper"

Me: that was a good one wasnt it
Me: I gave Mrs.Matheny your screen name and told her you were on and she saw your away message
Ben: lmao
Ben: thats from a song i was listening to
Ben: or is this just another joke
Me: joke
Ben: >:o
Ben: i shall get you back
Me: ive got you good
Me: its usually u doin this to me lol
Ben: i'll get you back, not sure when but i will
Me: lol
Me: sorry
Me: I LOVE YOU! lol
Ben: no, i cant live with that lol
Me: yeah you can
Ben: no, you've got one coming...actually i'll prolly forget about it by tomorrow
Me: youre mean
Me: you dont love ur bestest girl friend!!!!!!!
Ben: keep it up, and you'll be replaced
Me: you know I am the shiz and you wouldn't be able to live without me around to make ur day 100% better
Ben: you dont make my day 100% better, nobody can keep me from wanting to smack myself in the head through 3rd and 4th
Me: :'(
Me: you have succeded in making me feel worthless
Ben: payback sucks doesnt it
Ben: you punked me, i destroy your self-esteem
Me: but i was bein nice i was all like i love you youre great im great were great and you just blow me off :
Me: :'(
Ben: fine you can get me back by blowing me off
Me: what
Ben: pay me back, you can blow me off
Me: are you bein perverted
Ben: very
Me: :'(
Ben: :-X
Ben: yoda wants me to apologize
Ben: but i dont want to do what yoda wants, because he's old
Me: you make me sad
Ben: :'(
Ben: WKBW...Wimpy Kitty Baby Whiners!
Me: ok jim carrey
Ben: im drunk with power
Me: no seriously you make me very sad
Ben: we'll end this when you apologize for your hate crimes
Me: im sorry but u have to admit it was funny
benkorn2000: it was, but i cant let people win on me like that, it deflates my ego
Me: lol
Me: i scored on you
Ben: do you want me to destroy your self-esteem!
Me: no
Ben: lets call truce
Ben: until we meet again

Hadta be the best joke in the history of my jokes on Ben. Uh yeah, if that made any sense. HeHe. ANYWAYS: No school tommorow YAY! Well i'm gonna go. Bye-Bye!
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