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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-20-2004 at 3:40pm
Current mood: crying...
Music: all my life...(yes if u kno me u kno why)
Subject: what the fuck
lemme just say that i love Kelsey haha and Katie and Helena, and of course Heidi..and Kelly for making me smile :-) lol

im in the worst mood rite now seriously...
its so fucked up, helena says i should talk about it....HA! wen do i ever tell people wat im thinking...or feeling???

i think i need to pay a visit to good ol' Natick High... ;-)

AWWW omg katie im sooo happy for you!!! lol
serge if ur reading this, lol ur the best u made me cry, cuz i was soo happy for katie haha, it was tears of joy tho, at the time lol i love you katie!!

::cramps all day long today:: ughh i hate being a girl haha

so much like stressed rite now, lol and scared :-\ and like....sooo many emotions running around in my lil head...its not good at all, wen i get like this, things could get bad haha

well w\e im out...
leave me sumthin to make me happy :-\
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