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greenpixiestix (profile) wrote,
on 9-20-2004 at 10:46pm
Music: Holding On - These Hallowed Halls
Dude. Who even reads this? The MHS crowd is on Xanga, and only select people know about this. Yeah, you're special, you freaks. Seeing as how you're ones I trust (either being very close, or very far) I should let you know that there's a new journal. I simply couldn't take it anymore.

SweeTzK333: nobody can comment, so it's just a place for me to write, and even if you judge me, it's won't be on the same page
xxpun kangEL86XX: that's cool.
xxpun kangEL86XX: this journal is so discrete.
SweeTzK333: also, no stupid comments like "lol" or "hi!" just so they can get eProps or a comment back
SweeTzK333: and nothing to tarnish the context of the entry, as ____ sometimes does

I'm slightly harsh in those entries b/c they're more like the regular journals I keep. If you read every journal, you're either bored, or you really like me. I hope it's the latter.

Oh yeah, and don't take it personal if you think a journal entry is directed at you. It probably is, at a subconscious level, but don't worry about it. You're cool.
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