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xpiratepunkx (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2004 at 9:02pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: American Football - Never Meant
Subject: so let's just pretend everything and anything between you and me was never meant
I really would have said Happy Birthday too. But I didn't. I couldn't. It wasn't in the stars, you know? I came too early to school and I left too early.

I'm sure he would have appreciated it too. It's not like someone has that black of a heart to refuse a greeting.

Maybe I fell too fast. Maybe I pushed you away. Now you're gone and I'm afraid that you're never coming back this way again.

I'm never going to get over him am I? Are you happy, Scott? That you're on my mind 24/7. You're ripping my heart out, here! And it's like I have this silly notion that things are going to get better between us. Not exactly like the way it was before, but like just go on talking terms, you know? I dream too much and it gets my hopes up and yet it only brings me down to settle for the worst.

I'm a wreck. And I'm certain, if i drive into those tress, It'd make less of a mess
than you've made of me.

Your Bruise.
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