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waiting4rain (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2004 at 10:54pm
Subject: 'I will sing of Your mercy, that leads me through valleys and sorrow, to rivers of joy.' ~joc
"This is a song that every once in a while you get these moments in life, where you're standing in a place - I guess you would call it a privilege, - you're able to look back at some of where you've been and see all the tragedies, and the victories, and
see how, for once they kind of make sense.
Even though it's not what we would have chosen. It's where we are now, and it's how we got here. And it's the most amazing view sometimes. It kind of strikes a chord, and hits our hearts and we realize - wow, my story is not my own. And I couldn't have written it this way. And it's a good thing there's Somebody else writing it,
because there's a lot more joy, and a lot more pain, and it's all worth it. ... That's what this is about."
-Jars of Clay; intro to song: 'Redemption'
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