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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2004 at 11:04pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: Keith Urban - The hard way
Subject: Adios!
Hey everyone...thought i'd oughta update cause i'm goin to Morgantown and I won't be back til sometime Friday. I'm so's gonna be fun but i'm gonna miss Cody eh, I guess you'll have that when you're in love =] HeHe! Oh yes, he got me Keith Urbans new CD today (yes Ben...another CD! HaHa!) and it's awesome so far. I love Mr.Keith. He's sexii! I hope I do good in my contest tommorow i'm really nervous. I don't know what all I need! A calculator?! Ahhh! I need to stop thinkin bout it. =] You know I pray for this country actually this whole system, seriously almost every night. (I'm watchin the news right now) I just hate hearin all that awful stuff on the news everyday. It makes me sooo sad. It's awful. I wish we lived in Perfectland. such thing but that'd be cool now wouldn't it? Ehh. Hmmm well I guess I oughta get off here and finish packin and all that GREAT Tabi and Cody came over today and we watched Scooby Doo 2 and wasn't plannin on it, but we got pizza. OmG we were watchin The Real World...cause it's my shoooow. And like Willie brought this guy Daniel in and they were like takin a shower together and they got in bed naked together. It was hilarious...Shavonda was like OMG! I just saw a naked butt and she kept lookin and like told MJ to stop spyin. It's sad to say but I probably wouldn't have been able to quit lookin either i'd be like holy crap! haha...Cody was like pukin the whole time. HAHA. It was great! Earlier in the day they brought my car up here and we cleaned it...i'm talkin major scrubbin, and I put all my stuff in it. It's all pretty now =] They're takin it to get it fixed sometime soon. So, I shall be drivin at least by 2005! Yayayayay! Well i'm gonna go now. I will miss you all...HAHA. <3-Shama!
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