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allmysinsx (profile) wrote,
on 9-22-2004 at 6:01pm
monday went to the football game
it was really boring
lmao, i saw mrs vanlaar shes like " stonerrrrrrrr"
lmao shes funny but i know shes the real stoner
yeah so it was really boring
but i did get to hang out with katie, thats always cool

tuesday? i dont really remember anything that happened?
lmao except 8th period! duhh
WHO STOLE MY PENCIL. lmao god that was so funny

so today was okay. i remember what happened today
so i got to school, and saw pat and kayla!
which made me oh so happy
because i havent seen them in so long, its so sad
so i walked into school with them, which was cool
lol, they are so funny.
and then i saw katie and she ran up to me
and she told me something rather interesting
lmao, i wonder where'd she heard that from
so i said goodbye to them
went to the cafeteria, where i saw kristen
and she was telling about shaun, and her brother
interesting stuff, i actually listened
lmao i love kristen, its funny
first period
talked to deanna mostly
second period
spanish is so boring, did really nothing
third period
not too much, not diggin that class either
fourth period
went to the library, got nothing done
seventh period
ceramics, did nothing there either
danielle finished my project for me
eighth period
english, not too much there.
nothing fun happened today
so yeah my mom callled me after school
told me my grandma was in a car accident
but shes okay
so its all good
so i got home around 2 from babysitting
then my grandma and dad came home
then my dad and sister lefted
and then grammy and ron came
and then blah general hospital was on
and then i watched that, grammy and ron lefted
so after that was over, i mowed the grass
oh what fun that was.
and now im here talking to kristen
blahh, but not really
and i hope this updates this time
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