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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-22-2004 at 7:28pm
Current mood: stressed
Music: welcome to my life...
Subject: la la la
just made my mom buy me a ring :-) haha she says i HAVE to get a job now...thats um not cool

today in school was pretty gay..haha i stayed after with heidi for a lil bit then i talked to katie on the fone for an hour...haha THEN serge called and i told him to come with fil haha so they came...and we sat around for a lil bit...then serge drove us all home :-) hes just so nice like that haha

aww i like having serge and katie being happy :-) haha its like old times serge katie and fil..just all chillin' lol good times...good times.. Heidi was sooo pissed at like..madd ppl but mainly like maybe 3...haha sum freshman chick and um 2 other people..that wont be mentioned i told her not to be mad or anything but she OF COURSE wont listen to me, she was gunna start shit but i was like um no dont ever do that lol

i wish today was tomaro could be friday and then it would be the weekend...and i can finally relax..
ugh i have so much homework tonite..and i havent done shit cuz i was at school for fuckin..forever

well im out....
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