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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 9-22-2004 at 8:56pm
Current mood: so sick
Music: Bigger Than My Body- John Mayer
hey all!! whats up?! lol but yea i am really sick today and it sucks i didnt even ge to swim which sucks even more! lol but yea today was my cuzs Grace birthday shes 10 soo scary i remeber when she was born werid! lol but yea i hate school its so much work and i hate when people in my grade say shit about me.. yea it's fun let me tell u! JUST KIDDING! its so annoying and hurtful for me to hear that my "friends" are saying bad stuff about me... it hurts a lot and sometimes i wonder why? i honestly feel like i have like 10 friends right now... not even joking and it's quite possibly one of the worst feeling in the world. but o well ill be @ college next year and hopefully someone somewhere wont get mad at me cause i have a banner in teh gym or because im outgoing.. whatever. o but i had something good happen for once in my life... I GOT A LETTER FROM TEXAS! omg i was so excited lol i LOVE TEXAS! yea longhorns!!!! WOO! lol omg and i could see Aaron Piersol and Brenden Hansen.. hottness... haha maybe even puppy and bobby if they go there... or even if i go there! lol but yea thats all for now! im gunna go pass im out dead! lol love u all soo much! ttyl

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