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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-23-2004 at 9:58pm
Current mood: sad
Music: nothing :-(
Subject: whatever...
i dont care anymore..

but i do...
ughh if ne of u remember how i was in like...febuary and march and april..and how like wierd i was (u kno wat i mean)

..its happening again..

katie i cant help it anymore...i want to sumthing that i kno i shouldnt do..i think u mite kno wat im talking about :-\

why..why whyy....omg i cant even put things into words head is just ugh- so many things goin thru it..emotions...HATE...saddness..mad...ugh :-(

guis helpin me thru it tho, lol hes so coooool lol i love you gui, im ALWAYS here for you!

people really need to NOT talk shit anymore..seriously wtf..i love how sumhow EVERYONE in fuckin natick high knows wat the fuck is happening in my life..AND IM NOT FUCKING FRIENDS WITH THEM...hmm wonder how the fuck they know...i have a guess...ughh yea that stupid...AHH NVM I WONT SAY IT

ughh u kno wat im fuckin sick of sooo much shit :-( nothing is good anymore! everything is fucked up! once i get happy, sumthing happens, and ruins everything :-\ all the time mann i really dont like it...

im going to talk to gui now lol and helena...
-emily :-\
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