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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-26-2004 at 9:43am
Current mood: tired
Music: eminem...
Subject: mea
so yesterday was interesting...gui came over with ben..then left...then came over with Ryan, they were here for a lil while..i think that me and ryan are good now, which makes me very happy..
once they left.. my mom came home, then we went out...

OMG we went to stop and shop and i got to see Valerie,her sister and brother, Cassie,Meggy and Kelsey...ahh i was SOOOO happy..i hadn't seen val or cassie since like fuckin....freshman year ahh omg i missed them SOOOO MUCHH ahh i love you girlz!!!

i was talking to Gui last nite for a lil bit, about a lot of stuff thats happening right now...hes in a messed up position right now,and imma try to help him..cuz Gui's one of my best friends, lol i love you gui!

well i think i am going to go now...
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