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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 9-26-2004 at 12:37am
Current mood: just woke up
Music: travis - love will come through..i heart this song mucho
Subject: dont wake me up before you go go. i want to sleep some more more
i love going over to my aunt's house.
i hate staying over there for this reason only.
my lil cousins wake up at like the crack of dawn and then feel the need to come wake me up.

oh no no no no no

last night we all stayed over

this mornin i was woken up when ryan came into his room i was sleepin in..yelled at him to get out

then rachael came into ryan's room

then i went into the livin room to go lay on the air mattress but they kicked me off
i was sitting on the edge but was kinda sittin on their dog ali so i backed off and i like toppled off the air mattress and landed on my elbow. that is only a thing i would do

then i went back into ryans room
brandon woke up
then he and ry came in and started playing 007 on ryans ps2
sorry kids i cant sleep when you are blowing peoples heads off

then i moved into rachaels room
by this time...i am REALLY grouchy

she comes in a coupla times
i yell at her
she brats at me
'andrea i will kick you out. this is my room'
bring it on rachael

finally she goes away
aaaah sleep at last

so i was thinking

next time i sleep over at terris
i am gonna have a deadbolt
and two attack dogs chained to the door who will gnaw off the leg of anyone who even thinks about waking me up.

all i need to do now is find mind reading dogs..


good morning!
andie andie oxenfree***
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