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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 9-26-2004 at 6:29pm
Current mood: calm
Music: Don't Wanna Be- Gavin
hey all! whast up?! lol well this weekend has been a lot of fun... which is unusual for me to say but hey it really was! lol so Friday night after swimming i made it home in SEVEN minutes go me haha then i drove to Cedar Grove to see First Daughter with my fav MOUNTIES ever! lol but yea good times! hahaha esp when we all started clapping when he took his shirt off!! lol omg then when the movie was over we were standing in the parking lot... yes as usual haha and these guys in a escalade drove by and their windows were down and britt yells those are some hot rims! hahah toooo funny holy crap! lol then we went to Starbucks saw Butler lol then we walked around Upper Montlcair for a bit... so hillarious! lol! then i drove home lol soo Saturday woke up swam did homework went SHOPPING w/ curley!! yay it was so much fun! lol haha AND we saw AJ and ABBY haha it was funny, but it was good to see AJ i miss that kid! lol but yea then we went to Joes for dinner sooo good and some more shopping then we came back to my house curley went a got brie and i went to go get movies and we talked forever and it was so much fun to ahng out w/ them again it really sucks that we are all on different teams now and its sad! lol then i had to take the damn SATS again this morning but they were my last until the realy ones so hopefully i did well on them! lol but yea and i chilled today did some college stuff and yea! but umm thast all for now! i leave for PURDUE thursday nigth im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol but yea thats all for now! love u all sooo much! ttyl

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