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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2004 at 6:45am
Music: Somewhere I Belong; Linkin Park
Subject: This Always Happens To Me...
I put a bullet through me, shattered my stained glass heart. He said he didn't hate me, he just disliked me.. there isn't much difference when you get to that line, is there?

Crucifixtions from long ago came back to haunt the apology, he couldn't bear that I was not his. I wanted to stay friends, I did worry, I still care, but he said friendship was bullshit. Bullshit, huh..

I cried tears of black because this naive mind could not understand.. it could not comprehind the reason behind his illogical thinking though it so desperately tried. I couldn't understant why he never wanted to breath another word to me.. it was because of those damned crucifixtions that travel through time like bleeding wounds.

I know he'll never listen to what I have to say, nor can I speak the words that truely express my deep concern and worry for him, but why should I waste my time on one who doesn't care whether he's loved or scorned?

Great.. now the ebony sea is rolling with the tides of sorrow once again.

I just wanted to be your friend.
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