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andi (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2004 at 4:15pm
Subject: Bitches..i'm back
Yea so Friday skipped school and flew to Chicago. When we were gettting a car the ppl were like u already checked one out..we were like what??? Someone stole our rented car and posed as my dad. What losers! My mom realized when we landed that she forgot her bag that had her cloths in for the wedding thingy, so as soon as we left the air port we went shopping. There was girls in the dress area looking for homecoming and they were like oh my gosh. Girls isn't this cute? and like totally! i was ready to shoot myself.

Friday night went to a wedding blessing. It was really awesome. I dance w/ a dude that is friends w/ my older cousins. I never learned his name. Thats how u can be a playa, don't learn the names. My cousin got married into a british family, so I asked a couple of them that i don't know to say cheerio. I was like you just made my night, u have no idea. haha.

Saturday my dad and I drove to Wood Dale to pick up my home girl. I miss her so much. It took us and hour both ways b/c we got lost numerious of times. hahaha. We missed our train, but w/e we drove to the city n e ways. We broke 2 types of laws like 5 times each w/in the hour we got to Chicago. I have never seen soo many gay guys in one city. Its worse than Key west. Well we went to the Sears tower and the Menllnium park. We were taking a family photo thing and the cops came and said put it away or we're take it away or something like that. They didn't want us to take a pic and sell it and make money i guess. Saturday night we went to my aunts house and had a bomb fire. Grilled shrimp..yum yum...The weather was just beautiful up there the whole time. Well we drove my chicka back home Sunday and then we went back to the city and my dad went to ESPN and the rest of us went shopping. There was a school drumline seperated through out the city and i just sat and watched them as my mom and sis went shopping. I went into a A&F store for my first time. Its too expensive for my taste, but there is really hot guys that shop there. OOOweee. One was following me. His name was chad. I noticed he was kinda looking at me and w/e and he followed me some what to where ever i went in the store and I stayed at an area for a while and he came next to me "looking" at clothes and I was like you know those are girl shirts? He was like I could be looking for my sister..I was like riiight. Yea he was a pretty boy. His looks served me well. hahaha.

Yea so umm..on the way to the airport we got stuck in traffic real bad and we arrived like a half hour before the plane was departing. I had to call Nick to make sure I had a ride to i'm a loser. I wouldn't be able to call him when I got in town b/c it would be like 11. Soo all the flights got cancelled to FL b/c of Jean but ours. Lucky us.

So came home, went to school today. Had fun. Spencer was being spencer today. Frank said this is easy about this worksheet and Spencer is like yea its easy on a friday night w/ your mom after a candle light dinner...then ms. shoohart was like SPENCER! Then spencer said,"what? Its dessert." haha. Then Frank was like u don't even know my mom and u never seen her and Spencer was like her name is julie thank u and I love her. yea well Franks mom isn't julie. so the rest of the period Spencer was trying to guess her name and he said the same name 3 times every 5 minutes. it was great. Spencer was like does it start w/ a P? He kept saying P and Frank was like now I have to go pee. That made some girls laugh. Yea soo..I found Nick at my locker and he drove me home and I made kinky brownies and picked up the Kitchen and now I will be drumming and then studying..soo mich fun!

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