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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2004 at 11:46pm
there are SOOOOOO many new cds comeing out that im insanely excited about.. there was like a 4 month period there where all these shitty screamo bands were throughing stuff on to shelves and im like "blah........"... and now ive got a fuckin list.. and im going to have to start saving soo i can buy all of these new awsoume cds coming out..

A Perfect Circles coming out with a new cd.. its mostly covers of other songs, but its maynard, and its APC, so it will kick ass and ill buy it on its first day...

The Used are coming out with a new cd very soon.. its all original stuff this time, the way it should, even if its not good, ill still buy it.

Korn is coming out with a new cd, its a greatest hits album, with some new material in it, ill also buy that no matter what.

****DEFTONES**** are coming out with a NEW CD!!!!!!!!!!!!! im like "OMG!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!".. ive been waiting for months and months, reading and reading about how their in the studio, they better get that done sometime soon, becuase they are the BEST, but maybe not for long becuase....**TEAM SLEEP** is comign out with a debut album, Team Sleep is Chino Fuckin Morenos side project, sooo therefore they are AWSOUME.. good old chino is workign on mixing the cd as we speek, yeah!..

If only Chino and Maynard could somehow have a child without beign gay.... and then have their child grow up to be a rock singer.. soo then they could live on in a way, except better.. *sigh* i wonder what the little bugger would look like.. half latino, half ummm whatever maynard is.. haha.. slightly british...

i can see maynard now, out on some porch in a rocking chair holding the little baby umm named..... his name would have to be "Chinard"...anways, maynard would defiently take on the role as the mother figure, and chino would go out and work and such..

im obviously tired and very excited for Deftones and Team Sleep.....

Tool is to APC as Deftones is to Team Sleep....assuming Team Sleep is slightly softer then Deftones....
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