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sherriffsteve (profile) wrote,
on 9-28-2004 at 10:47am
Subject: A cold day when everything is right...
I never thought that you wanted me to do this. Never in a million years. But hey, anything can happen. I've spent the last nineteen years of my life searching for some answers and you showed them to me, they were right in front of my eyes. You've put people here, in just the right time, and right way, to show me that it's about you. Every now-and-then I look back to the other days, the ones that constrained me. And now I found myself dancing on clouds. You were so forgiving to give me a scond chance, and I thank you. Everyone probably thought that I was the good girl, and that I didn't have much trouble in my life, but I did. I was just like them. I may not have partied, or did every drug under the sun, or even tried to run away from all my problems, but I was just like you. I had storms inside of me. I was so depressed and motionless that I probably would have given in. But God had a different plan for me, just like He does with everyone else. He wanted me to see the big picture before it was gone. He wanted me to taste the sweet air, before I lost my tougne. And the funny thing is, everyone thinks that they do lose it, but they don't. They just don't know how to use it. Just like a new born baby, sticking it in and out wondering what it is for, and with teeth you bite down and hurt yourself, you can't give up though, you have to keep trying even though it hurts. Even after you grow, and you realize that your tougne is more helpful than you think. Sometimes, we don't even appreciate it. And the same could go for God. I thank God for all that He has done, for all that He has changed, and all that He has made new. Someday, the ones I care about, will understand. Someday their thirst for love will be so strong, that they will remember. Lord, I just ask that you keep them all safe until then. (especially my friends, the ones I don't get to see very often.) Amen.
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