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behindmysmile (profile) wrote,
on 9-29-2004 at 1:15pm
Current mood: bouncy
Subject: Life is nothing worth living for..
Okay ima update this jus for mah roman [ and britt i think? ] lol im not really sure, well im sittin here in web page design and were startin a new assignment that i should prolly start rite now, but oh wells i will try n write something in here first.

Today was okay i guess, nothin really happened lol, talked to mah babi rissa this morning all morning, cuhz jelly wasnt a dick last nite. Then came to school, got bitched out by a million ppl. Urggh. Im not doing drugs anymore, wtf?! I hate this skool. Then bio sucked, had a review for next class' test. Ima fail. Josh and i had the best time in geo tho. Godd i luhv that kidd =] Third hour we took a test. And jake brought meh my stuff early as a front. Cute kidd. I told him bout meh and rissa and i thought he was bout to get off lmfa0!! Then rite now 4th hour..were not doing nothin so its good. =P

I cant wait till i get home, i miss marissa soo much!! Then meh n heidi are going bowling lol. I luhv her soo much, haha she got dress code violation today. =] What a dumb bitch tehe. But neways ima go now, I luhv you roman!! <33.

Britt..i miss you. I need you. Please take me bak.
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