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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 9-29-2004 at 2:51pm
Current mood: happy.. kind of...
Music: whiskey lullabye
Well school was ok... pretty boring.. i had a very easy test quiz thing in gemonetry.. found out i have an 89 in chemistry... failed a test in ap euro but so did everyone else haha the average grade was a 56! w00t w00t! thats like getting 1 more than half right! lol! its a 1:3 ration i think. i dunno im not good at the stuff.
Michael and i didnt even exchange glances except when i was talking to karl about my ap euro test and i said i bs it and michael said you must have to bs a lot, and i said, no you're good at that.
Him and Nicola are getting so close now... its starting to bother me.. i mean me and nicola are friends and i dont kno.. michael is just a bother in everything. im sorry if you guys are friends with him but.. he is the meanest creature ever!
I wrote billy a note todya. lol but he was sick so i couldnt give it to him! me and dew are gunna hang out on friday.. hopefully! i love him to death! hes muh buddy! lol.. hes all over my website lucky him. so is alexa... but kno what else has been bothering me?
ok, lets say her name is... katie. well, i try to be nice to katie and we used to be BESTFRIENDS... we had so many personal jokes about a guy and then stupid stuff we made up while we were outside and we continuted the tradition of "getting drunk"... then, after alot happens, i comment in her journal telling her stuff to make her happy and then she says.. "i dont like him anymore.." and blah blah.. when the joke was about him that she thougth funny.. then i hada pic of her and other girls on my website and she said."its good but could u take that pic off..." the website should be MY memories... but she was in a swimsuit so she flipped out.. its just everything i do anymore someone/ or she has something to say about it... its really starting to get to me along with everything else. my grades are slowly starting to suffer... thats a bad thing.. britts party is on saturday. im sleepin the tent with kelly and other people i think nelly and someone else. itll be fun! haha.. i think it fits 8? i dunno, i haftaget the details. i jsut need to get out i think.. homecoming si on the 16th and i think im going to go but im not sure.. the theme is a night in hollywood so i dont kno... my dress wouldnt be too dressy considering the theme.. but who know.. its more prommy... but so is alot of dresses...
well, i think im done here.. ill write later. gotta doc app. NOT fun..
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