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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 9-29-2004 at 6:46pm
Current mood: stressed, tired, sad...anything you could think of
Music: OLP
so my day's been tiring...not bad...but busy. i was hoping to see SOMEONE today but of course that's not going to happen...oh well, what's new. i have a bad day...i don't get to see happens, like always. so i'm sitting here almost in tears...i have no reason to really cry except i'm really stressed...

:deep breaths:

well i talked to my mom today and lauren, they are both coming up on friday which will be cool, i miss my mom like always and i REALLY miss kane, i haven't seen her in forever so it'll be great to catch up and hang with her...i'm excited

i have a psychology exam tomorrow at like 7:50 in the morning...woohu...i really hope i do okay on it...i've been studying like crazy for this test...prolly the reason i'm so stressed's like i study and study so hard and i feel like i haven't learned anything...i don't know what to do...i love college but it's so overwhelming sometimes that i get so caught up in just studying...i don't feel like i'm doing anything else with my life...and the truth is...i'm not. i constantly study, i constantly read...and yet i don't ace my first two the hell does that work? i dunno...maybe i'm just too stressed and shouldn't think about it...not right now at least.

i've been thinking about marraige and family a lot lately...if i'll ever get married and what it will be like to have kids...and work hopefully doing something i love doing...god i hope that's better than everything i've been doing up to this point...and i think it will be.

i'm a mess right now though so i'm gonna leave it here...i'll write more later...

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