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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 10-1-2004 at 10:14am
Current mood: EXCITED!!!
Music: BIG AND RICH!! yeehaw!
haha i'm so excited! today is friday and my week is over ( more class :-P) and KANE IS COMING TO SEE ME!! her and my maja are driving up and gettin here about 2 so...yeah i got a chem lecture at 11:30 till 12:20 and then i'm gonna do my laundry and take a shower and stuff before they come up here...woohoo!

so yesterday was pretty good, i took my psy a 76% on wish i could've done better but i was above the average and it's the first test so...oh well! but i got all done with classes then me and mairin went and ate dinner at holden with chris and then mairin went to her meeting and i hung out with chris! he helped me do some chem problems and then we did his laundry :-P how romantic! lol j/k! it was fun! so then we got done with his laundry and we walked to this garden by the library and sat on this bench and talked...ya know ;-) lol then he walked me home and ran back to his dorm...

so overall the week has got SOO much better already and i have a feeling it's gonna get even better! i get to see my mom and kane so i'm really excited! it should be fun, i haven't seen kane since i moved up here!!! that's like SO long! ah...but anyways...

so things seem to always be brighter after i'm not so stressed out...

chris and i have been doing GREAT lately...god...we're even talking about living together this summer depending on what our friends do...cuz i might just move in with him for the summer then me kane and maybe mair and her friend (depending on kane and mair's friend) might get an apartment...or house...i have to do some research this weekend on it's exciting to think about...:-)

i love chris so much...and honestly...i would marry him...but you already knew that :-) i told him i've been thinking about it lately...getting married and what not...and he thought i had meant worrying about if it was going to happen or not and he said you shouldn't worry about it not happening...:-D ahh! i know i'm WAY too young...well not THAT be thinking about it...but honestly...could any other guy love me as much as he does?....i don't think so....i know so! hehe well okay i'm gonna email my maja and then get around for chem after i eat something!

catch ya on the flip side!

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