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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2004 at 12:37am
Music: The Faint
My mom is a fucking bitch.
She grounds me on Red Flannel Day, an hour before I'm leaving.
She fucking flipped out on me because I "lost" the cell phone, even though I know exactly where it is. I honestly don't think I have ever got in that big of an argument with her. Ever.
"Where is the cell phone?"
"..In Kevins car.."
"Where is it!?"
"Kevins car!"
"Get it! Now!"
"Ok, I'll run right over to his car.."
"Get it!"
"I can't."
"I want it, now! Right here!"
"I CAN'T!"
"I want it!"
"Ok.. that's cool.."
"You don't get to use it anymore."
"That's fine."
"You can't use it!"
"It's not yours anymore."
"So Kevin is running up our minutes?"
"He's not using it. It's not even on!"
"I want the cell phone here right now!"
"Oh. My. Goooddd. What is wrong with you? I fucking hate you."

This went on for about a half hour.
Then she grounded me. For saying 'I hate you' and swearing.

She made me say I'm sorry.
She says I can go to the parade, but I'm grounded for life.. riiight.
In other news, she is still fucking insane.
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