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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2004 at 11:11pm
Current mood: blah
Subject: Sad Weekend.
Yeah, when I got back from Morgantown I found out my great aunt died. I can't say I was or wasn't close to her. I didn't see her very often, maybe once every 2 or 3 months (cause she lived in Parkersburg) but we talked a lot when she came in. It's really sad but it's life so you just have to deal. She was a revrend and yeah I trust that she's in a better place now because she knew God. Her viewing was today and I went at 5 when the family thing started and we stayed til 8 when it was over. I saw some family I haven't seen in awhile, and some family i've never ever seen. I saw my cousin John (who's brother Jason reminds me a lot of Brad Mates) and yeah he's really onrey (sp?) He's like 24 and he has 2 little girls. They're pretty mean But yeah, after the viewing we all went to my great grandmas to eat and he called my mom a "nigga" lol and he had a mouthful of food and he felt the need to show it to me and he told me I wasn't allowed to have any food. But he ended up basically gettin it for me...I haven't seen him for what seems like forever...i'd say is has to have been 5-10 years. VeRy SaD! =[ It's like my other aunt sed...bout the only time the whole family gets together anymore is for marriages and deaths. That's so true for my family. Anyways...If Cody still wants me to i'll go over to his house. The funeral is tommorow, but I don't think I could handle it with everyone crying so therefore I don't think i'll go. We have a game Tuesday night. I hope we whoopem' lol. Go Wildcats! ehh...Well, i'm gonna go. Talk to ye'all later! <3.SHAMA.
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