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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2004 at 11:54pm
i heard some of Team Sleeps stuff at and i thought it was awsoume.. a parentaly everyone else was like "yuck".. but i dont care, it was jsut awsoume to hear chinos voice, especially after the doctors told him he shouldnt sing ever again... i dont think it was the whole vidoe on the site though.. becuase it seemed as though some heavy guitar was going to jump in and then the video stopped.. plus, Chino described the album as being soft then aggressive.. sooo, im still as excited as ever.

tommorrow im goign to go jam at jeremys, and chris will probly jam to, that will be awsoume.

im listening to the useds new cd.. it not TERRIBLE.. theres like 4 songs on it i like alot.. and then there is "Let It Bleed" which is like one of the awsoumest Useds songs.. awsoume song..

omg i cant believe i didnt tell anyone today at work but i had the most messed up dream ever..or atleast that i remembered the next morning.. in the dream, i was living in this village that was on a hair on the head of a giant freaky lookign dragon,.. and someone traveled to its neck, and planted a bomb in it.. and the bomb went off and the dragons head blew square right off.. and it flew into the ocean and everyone drowned.. it was sooo fucked up... i want to know what it means..

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