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xunspokenxfearszx (profile) wrote,
on 10-3-2004 at 7:26pm
Music: Listen to Gilmore Girls
Subject: Life Sucks!!
i cant wait to die.. i hate being sick.. worst thing is.. my mom cares more about my sister and going to the wawa.. then me.. im bout to like pass out.. and she dont fucking care.. so whatever.. im not really writing in this any more.. i loke my xanga site more.. but if i can get on to this site when im in school then i will start writing in here more.. so yeah.. .. so yeah.. go there if you really want to read whats goin on.. not that any one gives a fuck
getting the 2 nelly cds soon.. and the 2 gc cds when they come out on tuesday.. and sum other stuff.. not that you care.. so yeah.. BYE <3 mandee lynn
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