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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 10-4-2004 at 4:26pm
Current mood: sleepy
Music: Anthony Hamilton* Charlene
We beat Wilson.. :)
Marching band isn't as fun anymore
I'm co-chair of Mr. BTHS
I met some guy today..he was strange..but okay
I missed a party
I have all A's so far!!!!
(99 in spanish III 100 in french II)
I'm too busy but I'm meeting more ppl so all's well

Hello, are you there? It's us, gURL... We wonder: Are you all over the place? Enneagram Type Sevens are.
Known as Enthusiasts, Type Sevens are fun-loving, adventurous spirits who may seem like they have enough energy for two. Outgoing and optimistic, Sevens are usually the life of the party.

The down side of all their explosive energy is that Sevens sometimes feel scattered and their loved ones may sense that distraction. As a Seven, you may be happiest when you have the freedom to roam but find something, or someone to help you focus.

so tru..


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