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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 10-4-2004 at 6:57pm
Music: i shot andy warhol-head automatica
so a funny thing happened last week...
joe and i were nominated for homecoming court simply because people knew we weren't going to go so they thought that would be the best way to make us. so friday rolls by and they read in last hour who all made the court. they read the girls names first and mine wasn't read so i'm thinken whew, ok i'm in the clear. then they read the guys name's and "joe hart" comes over the intercom. everyone looks at me then at the intercom and i just died laughin. he's been chosen every year now and never has he actually wanted to do it. so i still don't think we're going because i know he really doesn't want to, just find it funny that the person who probably wants to go the absolute least is the one that's always chosen. my baby's such a stud.
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