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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 10-5-2004 at 4:56pm
Current mood: excited
Music: Boys of Summer- The Ataris
hey all!!! whast up?!?! omg i finally ready to update my journal about PURDUE!!!!!!! OMG IT WAS AWESOMEEE!!! let me tell u this West Lafayette is the place to be!! haha so i flew in on Thursday night and my flight got really delayed and it sucked haha but i finally got to Indy o man was the plane small!!! haha so yea then i went to the hotel and watched some TV then went to sleep i was dead!! lol soo yea i woke up Friday morning and Julianne was in my room... haha she didnt get into Indy until like 2 AM so i didnt see her b/c i was passed out! haha so we went down to eat breakfast and then CATHY picked us up! lol we drove for an hour and @ 9: 46 AM we arrived @ PURDUE!! haha Cathy was so nice to us on the drive down and as soon as we got out of teh car Dar met us and we went on a tour of Macky Arena it was awesome we saw study tables and the physical therapy room and everything lol then we met up w/ Kat and Abby and we went to Sociology 100... wow what a weird class haha the Professor was talking about how some monkey knew sign language then we watched these music videos it was odd but the class was HUGE it was in a lecture hall it was cool though! then we walked to Jake's for lunch it was awesome pizza and spinach artichoke dip!!! haha i was there for like 2 hours but it was awesome! lol but everyone @ purdue had AWESOME school spirit it was so cool!!! lol so then i had my meeting w/ Cathy and i love her she is sooo nice!!!!!! lol and she told me i would get into PURDUE which made me a thousand times happier then i already was!!! lol!!!!! then i met w/ an academic advisor he was really nice and we talked about their management school and everything! then we drove over to practice!! THE POOL = AMAZING AND GORGEOUS AND FAST! ahh! haha the girls did their set and some of the recruits and i jumped in another pool and swam for a little... floating basically it was awesome! lol and my mom was there she was so funny haha o yea then we had CIRCLE P!! omg it was sooo cute i loved it!! haha then off to Stadium for dinner OMG it was SOOOOO good!! haha and my host jen and i were walking around for 20 minutes before we knew what we wanted to eat! haha then after dinner everyone was planning to meet @ jens apartment for movie night we rented MEAN GIRLS haha it was awesome and everyone came it was so much fun!!! lol so then we all went to bed i was exhausted!! so yea saturday morning i woke up around 8ish showered and went over to the pool Katie picked me up shes so nice too! lol and then we got Julianne and went to the pool watched the rest of practice then went to Katie's apartment w/ the other recruits and some of the swimmers like jen, rory, katie, and erica and ate pancakes they were so good! haha then jen, rory and i went back to their apartment we watched some FRIENDS lol then we got ready to go to Cathy's to watch the FOOTBALL game between PURDUE and notre dame!!! PUDURE WON 41-16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO it was awesome everyone was sooo into the game!!! haha then all the recruits and some of the swimmers went on a tour of PURDUE it was fun haha omg then we went to a party it was a lot of fun everyone was dancing a lot it was so much fun!!! haha after the party we went back to the apartment and watched some more friends! yay! haha then i had to go to sleep @ 2! lol then i woke up @ 6 to go home! i was so sad i didnt want to leave @ all! then Dar drove all the recruits back the the airport it was so sad i didnt want to leave but we did! haha then i came home and yea! but PURDUE was so amazing i had such a GREAT time it was awesome!!!!!!!! haha i LOVED it! lol but yea that's my PURDUE weekend it was so much fun!! haha but thats all for now!! love u all sooo much!!!!! ttyl


ps- SARAH i hoped u liked it! hehe xoxo!
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