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andi (profile) wrote,
on 10-5-2004 at 8:06pm
Current mood: content
Music: Senses Fail
Subject: Weekend..its a blur
So during my fun I had to do HW.But w/e. Saturday I did my project as everyone else went to the movies in the day or went to look at houses. Sooo ever so fun. Jared came over. He stayed for like 3 hours. I talked to Nick on the phone for an hour. it was fun. He's pretty cool to talk to. Around 9 pm we wanted to go to the arcade place and it was closed. so we went to the skatium for lazer tag and that was closed. So finally, Cassie, Jesse, Nola, Johnny, TJ, and I went golfing at the pirate lagoon place. I got a hole in one! Tj and Jesse got one too. woo. I got in last place..haha. So we went night swimmin at home. Tj and I stayed up and watched jarrasic park. Today I went to church, finished another project at Anne's. It was fun I guess. Wish there was an extra day though. Tyler was there (I was at Richi's). I love that kid, Him and I are "butt-buddies". Haha. Yea soooo..I'm gonna go. I'm bored. I have another project to do...urgh!

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