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rere12389 (profile) wrote,
on 10-6-2004 at 6:50pm
Current mood: lonely
Music: whatever my stupid sister is blasting in her room....
Subject: i want my megan back
omg i miss megan sooo much. no, not the megan she is now... i miss my old megan. i want to talk to her but now shes dead with some psycho child that replaced her. i wanna just run next door and see her standing there waiting but shes gone. i want things to be how they used to be back when she was still my best friend. i just wanna know what happened... but i already do, i just don't want to admit to myself that shes really never coming back. i want to keep on thinking shes still the same and that she didn't change for anyone like she said. but its just not so. and it just hit me that i can never talk to the megan i once knew again. and i am completely overwhelmed with loss, more so then i thought possible.

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