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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 10-7-2004 at 2:59am
Subject: My Outlook on My Life in General
There is nothing much to speak on my behalf, my poetic soul seems to do much of the talking for me these days. More accustomed am I growing to these words that the lines and shapes that came so freely from these calloused hands now seems so hard and painstaking.

She spoke the words I wanted to hear. They formed so perfectly on those serpent lips, how could I even begin to see the lies intwined so perfectly into the threads of words that flowed like the river from those perfect lips of hers. The Goddess of Deciet is what she is. Maybe she cares a little too much about her love.. one can't function on superficial smiles and pretend kisses for long, can they? She has driven away any and all who have cared about her because she obsesses. The sweet silk that is her voice spins a web of lies and she is deemed untrustworthy. Perhaps it is reason for me to be wary.

But you know me.

Broken wings can never fly
And angered souls can never die.
Tainted hearts can never feel
And wounded minds can never heal.
The fallen angel can never return
The foolish child will never learn
The letcherous man can never commit
And the warriors defeat he will never admit
So tell me.. isn't life fucked up?
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