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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 10-7-2004 at 1:55pm
Current mood: crazy
Music: Choir stuff
Sitting in the Computer Lab

Yes, yes. That's what I'm doing at the given moment.

Geeze, I haven't updated this bad boy in forever!

Have I ever professed my great love for college?? Well, guess what...I have a great and huge love for college.

Let's see, since I'm a music major I have so many classes I have to make time in my day to sleep and eat. But somehow I make time for fun with my crazy music major friends too. We've started up this weekly game of Egyptian Rat Screw. That is the funniest game in the whole freakin' world. That and the burping game. I just wish I could somehow film my days and post them up here so everyone could just see how crazy things are.

Brittany is sitting next to me...but now she's leaving. She plays flute.

Well, I'm about to "eat me some lunch" so I had best go.

Take care and kisses to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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