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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 10-7-2004 at 6:35pm
Current mood: happy
Music: she's the blade - sugarcult
Subject: wrote this little diddy in english yesterday
the day repeatedly lulled around her as she wondered why she dealt with such dull madness. everyone and their voices blended and created a whirlwind dancing from wall to wall, engulfing her. she could feel herself sinking in her chair. the people stopped spinning around the room and went back to their normal places. she could feel the sun pouring into the room from the window that she sat by. although she felt imprisoned by the fellow folk, the window was the place she could always escape too. she peered across the field only to find a parade of colorful dots. eyebrows furrowing in wonder she squinted her eyes to catch a closer glimpse. carefully peering to see where her instructor was, she gingerly opened the window. the dots were slowly disappearing in the tall jade and golden grass. she found herself leaning bit by bit out in to the sky as she tried to follow the movement of the odd dots. she felt the cool rush of air then fell out the window. screaming, she plummeted through the air. wondering why the fall was so long she then noticed the blackness the surrounded her.

to be continued?
andie andie oxenfree***
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