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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 10-9-2004 at 8:41pm
Current mood: happy
Music: everytime
i changed the password... ineedyou... how cute! lol
anyway last night was such a blast... kind of..
ok this is what happened
went home with nicole after school and kelly went too! so we got back to her hosu eand chilled then went to wendys and barely ate but w/e.
so then we went to the football game like an hour early and i was sooo bored.... but hten collected $$ with nicole for conscience alliance.
watched the game, saw sooo many people i havnt seen for a while, met up with ryan richard and cody.((im going in their limo))
and talked with them...
andre silva came up to me and sat by me and was hitting on me like crazy haha he felt my legs... lol
the asshole was there and i made it apparent to him i was NOT happy. he touches girls all the time while he hasa gf... iw onder what he did when he was going out with me.. i honestly wonder..
after the game, richard me kelly ryan and cody piled into richards car and dropped cody off, then found dogs roaming the mcgregor area so we had to call their owners and waited.
so then, we pile
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