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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-2004 at 1:03am
Current mood: tired
Music: Keith Urban - My better half.
Subject: Hi!
Last night, me and Cody went to see a movie. I wanted to see Raise your voice. It wasn't girly at'd think it would be, but it wasn't. It was really sad at some parts. I almost cried!! lol. Me and Cody didn't get back here til like 12. I was sooo tired so I went to sleep and I ended up sleepin til like 2 somethin today. I am so After I got ready, at like 6 haha me and Cody decided to go to the mall. He had to take some shoes back and get another pair and I wanted to get some clothes. I didn't get everything I wanted so I think me and mom are gonna go back tommorow so we can both get our hair cut and I gotta take sumthin back and I need to get a few other things.
I cannot figure out why there was one point in time that I guess I had to do everything with someone else with me n Cody (he said I was like that, I really didn't know it but now, it's like I just wanna be with him by myself all the time. I mean I want my friends there every now and then but I guess since then, i've changed my perspective a lot...ehh. Almost 10 months =] Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in my last entry that at the last dance, I won 2 free tickets to homecoming. That's so awesome, lol out of all the people that were there...I won it! Me n Cody were like YES!!!!!!!! haha. I can't wait til homecoming, it's always really fun I need to get an outfit! I was gonna wear a skirt but I changed my mind I think i'm just gonna get a dressy outfit. I also need to get some PJ's for Get up & go day. That's always my favorite day of spirit week. Eh. I have until bout, the 24th to get that stuff, so...
Anyways, like I sed me and mom might go back to the mall tommorow then i'll probably go to Church tommorow evening, and then I have Monday off. Thanx to the holiday =] YaY! I can't wait til Thanksgiving Break. I'm so sick of school, it literally makes me wanna gag when I think of it. That's not good...
Well i'm gonna get outta here. LOVE~SHAMA
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