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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-2004 at 11:11am
Current mood: blah
Music: My Boo- Usher and Alicia Keys
hey all! whats up?! o man i never have to take the SATs EVER AGAIN!!! WOO! haha im so excited! lol but yesterday was so much fun!!! lol so after SATs i came home then i drove down to MKA and i picked up Maggie and Cassie and we went to watch Lexi's field hockey game against MoBeard even though we showed up w/ like 10 mins left! haha o well then we watched the football game for a tad then we went to the MACARONI GRILL! haha i love that place! it was me, cassie, maggie, dan, charley, lexi and bets! it was a lot of fun even though John wasnt there!! lol but yea! then we went to Cocnuts and MAGGIE MOOS! haha it was sooooo good! lol then we all left cause BEts had to drive dan and charley home but i had so much fun yesterday!!! haha so yea then today i woke up and got bagles and such but yea i was looking @ our entries for the NY meet @ AGUA were going to and i think Judy wants to kill me!!!!! haha i have to swim the 200 IM, 400 IM, 200 free, 4000 free, 800 free and 200 fly!! O GOODNESS!!! im going to drown!!! haha! but yea thats about all for now! o yea and Purdue won yesterday against Penn State! go boliers! lol but yea thats all for now! love u all sooo much!! ttyl

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