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musicalbabe (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-2004 at 3:12pm
Subject: Just a short update...
La Traviata was AWESOME! I'm sure I would have gotten a ton more out of it if I was fully awake the entire time, but it was an awesome experience overall. The lead soprano was SOOOOO GORGEOUS (her voice, not in physicality *is that even a word?*) and there was a super duper powerful baritone/bass and a lovely tenor. Well, I guess that's just how operas are, huh. Lol. Good singers, leads for different voice ranges. Duhr. Annnyway, I lost myself for about 30 minutes just thinking about what it would be like to conduct an opera and got sidetracked thinking about how the heck the soprano was so good. (Like how she uses her air, keeps her tone forward and consistent etc.) The plot was pretty lame, but I guess that's how it goes with operas. The orchestra was sweeeet and there was a BEAUTIFUL clarinet solo. One of those oh-my-God-savor-the-moment kind of things.

Modesto competition was tons of fun! I really tapped into some marching band enthusiasm by the end of the rehearsal in the morning which was very satisfying. It was a little hard watching certain people in the bus and I thought about what I had last year, but I'm really glad that I've found I can have just as much fun without that kind of component. I personally thought we performed like CRAP compared to what we've done in rehearsal, and I wasn't impressed with my performance AT ALL, but oh well. So much of marching band is sitting in the stands and cheering your brains out for waffles, male color guards, and school spirit.

*sigh* I love marching band sooo much!!

Totally screwed up this morning, though. At about 12:45am this morning, I told my mom that there was no way I could go to church, horseback riding, choir, AND youth group today and still get my hw done. She said I could skip church. Ummm...major crapola right here. I was supposed to do that thing with the bell choir this morning and 'round up some other ppl' to do it with me. Can you say 'shit' and 'Deb's gonna kill me'? Yeah, after being yelled at by my mom in a sleepy stupor on the way to horseback riding, I was suitably stressed and unhappy. It didn't help that I didn't wake up until about 10:30 so I didn't get a whole lot of hw done before my lesson. Too much going on!!

I don't think anything else major has happened. Maybe I'll update later. For now I have to shower and start studying chem crap! Great fun...except not at all.
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