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behindmysmile (profile) wrote,
on 10-11-2004 at 2:11pm
Current mood: drunk
if only u knew what you do to me..<3.
Im jus updating this for my roman so she dont have to yell at meh again lol <3. I luhv you babi !!

Life is perfect ohh soo perfect. You guys really have no idea, im sooo happy rite now. Im soo happy being wif marissa, and i jus wanna say thanks to all my friends for being soo supportive and being there for meh through all of this. I luhv you all soo much idk what i would do without you guys. <3.

Today has been good, yesterday was better. The day before that sucked, and that nightb efore that was funny as hell lol. lmfa0 meh and kimmy left a drunken msg on the answer machine at my house lol. Kim was flippin out on meh, i started cryin, and screaming mom answer the fone cuhz i needed happy. WOW FUNNY SHIT lol..

I cant wait to get home tho, but luckily this is last hour so ima get going ..ill write again another time. I love you all ..latah <33.
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