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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2004 at 7:30pm
Music: Radio
I didn't want to do Marching Band next year at the High School. But today was Band Day and the HOB band went over there and we practiced inside then doing the marching out and such, and so now I want to do it. It really looks fun. I know it's hard and I'll have to go to band camp this summer etc, but it still looks awesome. And I'll make mucho friends.

Lauren fainted and Abi vommited, but I was fine. XD Later though, when we got back to HOB, I faked sick to go home early because my pants got dirty. And it wasn't dirt. You can figure the rest out.
Matt, since he was in the drumline he stood behind Lauren and later said that if she fainted on him he would've been like, "Hey, get off 'ov me!" Even Mrs Dallas laughed at that.

A lot of people say that Mrs Dallas is a bitch, but I just think that she's really serious about directing the band, which is really cool. Though I won't say I wouldn't like her to loosen up on us at times..

I bathed the dog a bit ago and got really wet. Not cool.

I played a marching french horn today. Very cool.
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