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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 10-16-2004 at 11:27pm

Fuckins A!! it fucked up and i lost my last journal entry.. thats pisses me off.. and then i went to type "FUCKIN A" and it turned it into 2 entrys without me even pressing update.. im liek "AHHHH!"

today was a sweet day. like, i havent gotten to laugh in a while and today near the end i was soo laughable.. it probly helped that ashly was laughing her butt off.. i think becuase of the story of the lady who came into my class telling us not to be afraid to go to guidance, "guys come (she pronounces it cum), girls come, ive even came.. students can have alot of stress and it can help to jsut come.. in.. ".. lol.. soo frickan dirty.. lol.. and then andrew williams came in and started hitting on ashly, and me...right infront of customers, this one guy was like to me "seems as though you have an admirer.".. and im liek "yeah, he was just joking... i hope..".. Sarah came in and said hi, i did one of those things where im like "WOW, shes sayign hi to me :)" and totally forgot to say hi back.. soo now she probly thinks i hater her though i feel the opposite.. lol.. she really cute and funny.. probly has a bf though.... maybe im thinking to hard, or maybe its really late..

blah... my brother is soo stupid.. gah.. how could he do that. jsut all of a sudden one day let john get him hooked on ciggerettes, chewing tobacco, beer, and marijuana.... levi was liek "john has destroyed your brother", and sadly hes probly right this becuase right he walking around the house high off of something and being stupid.. i meen i used to do that sutff... but he must be pretty far along the line if hes just doing it by himslef at 11:17 at night... and of course i dont do ciggerettes or chewing tobbacco... grose.. jon and him tried to give erich chewing tobbacco like 15 times, and he jsut called them stupid.. they keep acting like erich must luv them or something becuase they do drugs... they are soo stupid, erich doesnt fuckin do drugs anymore...and same here.. fuckers.. they came up to me one day and were like "todd bye us ciggerettes plzz" and after begging for a while called levi, who didnt, and then erich.. paying him liek triple the price for ciggerrettes... erichs isnt buying for them anymore.. he felt bad when i told them i turned them down. i guess they will have to find one of my other friends to keep them going with their shitty addictions...
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