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andi (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2004 at 1:14pm
Subject: Homecoming
Friday night was awesome. I went to the football game w/ Nick, Lance and Devon. Then later in the game Larissa, Jordan, Michelle S, and Hilary come and chill w/ us. Devon looks like Clark Kent w/ hsi body and when he has my glasses on. lol. Then Amanda and Kelsey came and chilled.Long fun story short, Mariner lost bad, 24-0. losers. Well when we were walking back to the car I did a drop down low on lance. haha, he was like what just happened? it was funny. well Amanda came w/ us and we went to Coldstone and then to Jordan's house. Then i came back home w/ Amanda. woo. fun fun fun..u don't know. u don't know.
Homecoming was fun. The decorations were pretty sweet. I went over to Nick's house before and had pizza and watched a movie. Then I got reayd at his place and then we did pics. His parents are soo psyco on that stuff. it was so funny. When we got there I found amanda. Said hey to Kelsey, not anne. haha. I lost Nick after a while. lol. That was fun. Jordan didnt want to dance, so I danced around her, near her, on her, you know... I did the same w/ Larissa. sooo much fun. Kelsey was going crazy in her moves as normal. I danced w/ Pedro. He's prety good, then again he is spanish or of the two. Then Gaby, anne, Kelsey, Amanda and I all danced w/ Sean. It was funny. Then we all slow danced w/ Kyle. what a playa! Then the rest of the night I danced w/ Nick. Nick and I left early b/c it was gettin kinda lame a bit. fun night though.

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