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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2004 at 6:12pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: My Prerogative- Britney
hey all! whats up?!?! o man i just got back from my weekend @ DUKE!!!!!!! it was CRAZy but sooo much fun!!!! lol on friday i left my house really early to go to the airport for my plane to DUKE! woo lol so after i arrived in Durham i met John who was going to Duke also he was cool lol the we were waiting and then Lauren came!!!! yay!! lol so we picked up some more people like Kelly, Annie, Mary and some other cool recruits! haha esp the diver from Hawaii!!! lol! but yea then we drove to DUKE! Kelly, Annie and I were gossipping then entire way to DUKE... nothing to new! lol so OMG we finally arrived at DUKE!!!!!!!!! ITS GORGEOUS OMG I LOVE IT! hahah it was awesome then like right away we went to class it was so funny the teacher looked exactly like Miss Guiess (sp?) from Clueless and the entire class was about human sexuality!!! haha omg and FREUD! haha i knew about him!!! lol!!! so after class we went to LUNCH!!! yummy it was really good! lol i ate lunch with jay ash and kelly and some other cool people it was fun!! haha so then after that we walked over to the bookstore and then to my host Michelle and Jackie's room... we just hung out before practice and everything then we went to practice Coach talked to us... he is way to funny!!! lol and so did Lauren then we were free to go about! first we went to the football stadium then kelly, mary, alex and i sncuk into Cameron! it was awesome it was so cool to see!!! lol then all the girl recruits talked for like an hour then we went back for the last like 10 minutes of practice then we went out for dinner at this mexican place it was good then Kate, Jackie, Michelle and I went back to the dorms and Michelle went to the movies and Jackie, Kate and I watched the entire 4th season of Sex in the City it was awesome lol so then we slept and woke up early for practice again then we went to BRUNCH!! it was so good!!! lol then i got to SWIM!!! yay!!! lol so yea then we watched the boys play Ultimate Frisbee.... wayyy to funny holy shit! haha! then after that Kelly, Amy, Kate and I watched the GOONIES!!! haha then we went to dinner @ Mad Hatters it was so good i loved it!!!! lol then we went back to the dorms to get ready for the PARTY!!!! it was SOOO much fun holy crap i dont think i have ever had so much fun in my life seriously... then again i've never really been to a party before!! haha!! the entire team is awesome and so much fun to hang out with!!!! lol then i woke up this morning and went home! i was so sad to leave but OMG it was def the best weekend ever o man!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!! but yea thats all for now!!!! love u all soooo much!!!! ttyl

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