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ladymcgrady (profile) wrote,
on 10-15-2004 at 2:31pm
Music: "I Want To Break Free" - Queen
Subject: Feelin Tense
Work is still kinda tense, itz like i dunno...i try to help her out and she gets mad, i go to write the names of the dogs on the board cuz thatz what you're supposed to do when u take a dog out and she waves me away saying she'll do it and to go check for poop and just watch the hello i'm trying to learn more than just watching the dogs...and then she wuz lookin for a dog's hook to hang their leash and the first day i wuz there she wuz sayin how she knew where every dog's name wuz on the wall and now she's standin there searching and i knew exactly where it wuz and she wuz lookin on the whole other side of the wall so i went to try to help and tell her where it wuz and she's just like "i'll find it" kinda sorry, i know itz only little things but still, it irks me...and then the biggest thing, i had to go to the bathroom and the girl saw me go in and when i come out the other girl told me i have to stay in the back with the dogs cuz the one dog got her water bucket [i gave her a bucket instead of a bowl cuz she alwayz tips the bowls as soon as i fill it] stuck on her nose and now she had a the other girl [the one who doesnt want my help] comes out and tells the other girl there [without looking at me once] how she never uses the buckets cuz she doesnt like them and she never needs to use them...and that just stung cuz she told me to use it! not for that dog specifically but for another one, and she said if they alwayz tip their bowls then give them a bucket, and now she's tellin the other girl that she never uses them...ugh! that kinda ticked me off, so whatever, i'm just gonna do what i want from now on, not ask her what i should do or anything, i'm just gonna find stuff to keep myself busy and stay out of her way, sound like a plan? i think so too.
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