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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2004 at 6:07pm
Current mood: creative
Music: The Walk
Home for the weekend 10/18/2004
I went home this past weekend!


Yeah, it was my little sister's homecoming...this brings about another "the amazing Bekie can to anything" story.

So my mom was talking about how they had to take Nikie (my sister) to a hair place so she could get it done for homecoming. Sometimes when people talk about things, I can see myself doing it...and I'm doing a damn good job of it, so of course I'm like "Hell, I can do that" but this time I said it out loud...and I couldn't just back down so I added "and I can do her make-up too." It wasn't until I started putting her hair up that it hit me that this was my little sister's first dance ever and if I made her look like shit she was going to be so upset and she's a hell of a lot bigger than me.

Luckily for this one time I pulled through.

Man, did she ever look hot. I had to take a lot of pictures of her so I can prove to people that I really did make her look hot.

I am brilliant.

School is fun...stressful...but fun.

I <3 my Carrollton people. We have such wonderful times here.

I like this...

Everyone waits on the walk

Some are long and some small but all of them tall

Everyone must make a choice

Do I go for it all

And possibly fall

The tight rope is thin

I could possibly win on the walk

On the tight rope everything's bear

All that there is is from here to there

On the tight rope the goal is quite clear

Don't loose yourself in your fear

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