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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 10-19-2004 at 9:17pm
Current mood: calm
Subject: Naoto Saki - Main Character. XB
Okay, The Empire Strikes Back wasn't play at the Tropic Cinema, the original Manchurian Canidate was. It was great.

That was Saturday, Sunday I just hung around home then went to Team America with Dad later, that was good.

Ms Blanco told me off yesterday for sighing. That bitch is going down.

Yesterday after school mom took me to Border's and I got Easy Kana Workbook. It's for teaching basic Hirgana and Katakana and a little Kanji too. I know A, I U, E, O so far. Take in mind I'm trying to really, really stick this stuff into my skull.

I also got two mangas, vol one and two of the Desert Coral series. It's real neat.

I wanna cosplay as Lusia. That's got to be the eastest costume to ever make.

I can't google for her, I'll scan a picture later.

I only got four hours of sleep last night, today was a bitch.
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